Aetna Health Insurance Permits Chiropractic Treatment

Dr. Michael Sofer, Metro West FL Chiropractor 32835

Aetna health insurance permits chiropractic therapy. The allowable chiropractic therapy covered depends on the stage of care.

Aetna health insurance chiropractic providers will accept Aetna and it’s policy guidelines for chiropractic spinal manipulation.

Aetna chiropractic health insurance coverage limits will vary per policy. On average Aetna chiropractic contract will include up to 20 chiropractic visits.

All Aetna chiropractic visits must be supported by doctor notes and problem.

Aetna health insurance does cover chiropractic rehabilitation.

Auto Injury relief with Chiropractor in Metro West Florida Dr. Michael Sofer.

Auto Injury therapy includes: Chiropractic treatment, Massage, Spinal Disc Decompression, Electrical muscle stimulation, Ultrasound, Laser Therapy.

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